SEMI/Gartner Market Symposium


Monday, July 13, 2015
San Francisco Marriott Marquis
Golden Gate A


The SEMI Market Symposium, co-sponsored by SEMI and Gartner, provides a midyear market update as well as a forum to discuss pertinent business issues. SEMI and Gartner will present market forecasts and analysis for the semiconductor, capital equipment and semiconductor materials industries.





Welcome and Opening Remarks

David Christensen (Biography)

Senior Research Analyst, Gartner



Jim Walker (Biography)
Research Vice President, Gartner


Ian Ferguson (Biography)
Vice President,  Segment Marketing


The Electronics Industry of 2020:  How the Future Ecosystem will change within the Supply Chain

There has been much discussion in the past few years of the

potential that IoT has to impact the lives of consumers and

Enterprises.The opportunitiesforimproving costs, coupled with the ability to deliver
new services is causing traditional suppliers to rethink their product roadmaps and a slew of new companies areforming with a view to carving out a profitable slice of this new market. This presentation looks forward to 2020 and shares some thoughts as to how thesupply chain of the electronic industry could look in that timeframe.



Bob Johnson (Biography)

Research Vice President


Semiconductor, Capital Spending, Equipment Outlook: Uncertainties Ahead


Uncertainty returns to the semiconductor equipment industries as leading producers recover from excess inventory and the effects of a soaring dollar ripple through the industry. In logic, the battle for technology leadership continues as leading foundries and IDMs battle for
supremacy in the mobility segments. Memory investment continues to drive growth on the near term, but emerging oversupply conditions point to a near term correction. This presentation will present an overview of our
latest forecast for the semiconductor industry, capital spending andequipment markets, and will examine the implications of the changing growth patterns throughout the industry.



Sam Wang, Ph.D. (Biography)
Research Vice President


China's Funding of the Semiconductor Industry Affects Your Business More Than You Know


The aggressive China investment to grow the domestic capability of semiconductor manufacturing may not cause an immediate change to the competitiveness of  semiconductor vendors, but the  impacts have already been felt by many global companies. In this talk,

the reasons and  status of the Big Funding will be reviewed together with what will be expected next and how your business will be affected.



Lara Chamness (Biography)
Senior Manager Market Analysis, SEMI



Semiconductor Materials Market, Year-to-Date Trends, and Forecasts

2014 was a good year for the industry; semiconductor revenues reached a record level and both the equipment and materials segments experienced positive growth for the first time since 2011. 2015 is off to a promising start as the economic outlook remains cautiously optimistic. This presentation will discuss year-to-date trends based on SEMI's data collection programs for equipment, silicon, mass flow controllers, and leadframes. Semiconductor materials, including Wafer Fab and Packaging materials, and equipment forecasts through 2016 will also be presented.



Christian Gregor Dieseldorff (Biography)

Senior Analyst, Director Market Research


Trends and Outlook for Fabs and Fab Capacity


In the era of mobility and connectivity with IOT as the next big driver, what are the trends and future predictions for fabs and fab capacity? How do recent consolidations affect fabs and capacity?

There are plans for new fabs  and expansions (also for 200mm) but there are also fabs being closed.


SEMI's World Fab Forecast is revealing how the landscape for fabs and capacity is changing and what the outlook is for the future?

3:20pm–3:30pm Q & A Panel 
3:30pm–3:50pm BREAK

Michele Reitz (Biography)
Principal Research Analyst , Gartner


Wearables at the Peak of Inflated Expectations:  Myths and Realities


Wearables (as a subset of the IoT) are oft-hyped as a potential “net new” opportunity for semiconductor market growth.  As the market emerges, we discuss how semiconductor vendors are gaining share, and quantify the revenue potential through 2019. 
How can semiconductor and equipment companies capitalize on the new growth areas for maximum value in this high growth market?


Dean Freeman (Biography)
Research VP, Gartner


How the IoT will Impact MCU Intelligence


The MCU is at the core of the internet of things; however, before themicrocontroller (MCU) manufacturers get to excited they need tounderstand that how their customer designs their IoT architecture willimpact the intelligence of the MCU.  Depending upon the how network,

latency, and the amount of work the thing on the edge is designed toperform, it will have a significant impact on the Type of MCU that will be employed in the thing.


James Hines photo


James Hines (Biography)

Research Director, Gartner

Automotive Electronics in the IoT Age


Electronic content in automobiles has been increasing steadily overthe past decade, driven by adoption of infotainment systems andadvanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Automotive semiconductors

is now a $30 billion market. The connected car is here, ushering in theera of the internet of cars. What does this mean for semiconductorcompanies and their equipment and materials suppliers?



Allen Lu, Ph.D. (Biography)
President, SEMI China


Overview of China Semiconductor Industry

While China is an important manufacturing region for the semiconductor industry, China headquartered companies encounter a number of challenges compared to leading global players. These include the huge funding required for advanced IC manufacturing, the late start and lack of scale of the domestic companies, and previous reliance on government initiatives to compete in the global market.

To create new growth opportunities for the China semiconductor industry, the government has implemented a different approach to scale up China’s IC industry. Investments directed by professional investment managers will fund China companies to develop leading edge products and solutions with respect to IC design, wafer fabrication, advanced packaging, and equipment and materials. Investments will include funding for merger and acquisitions and to foster global collaboration so to scale the capabilities of China-based companies.

 Today, the electronic product eco-system is well established in China, especially in the mobile and consumer sectors, so new investments to scale IC design and manufacturing will boost the semiconductor industry eco-system in China as well.

5:20pm-5:30pm Q & A PAnel 
5:30pm Closing Remarks

Jim Walker 

Research Vice President, Gartner 


You will learn  

  • Updated industry outlook, market analysis and forecast for semiconductors, equipment and   materials
  • Market trends, opportunities and issues impacting SEMI members, their customers and the industry as a whole

Who should attend

  • Senior professionals in marketing
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Business development
  • Consulting and product planning.
  • Finance


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