Workshop: Creating Solutions to Address Common Challenges Facing the MEMS, Sensor and Semiconductor Industries in the Next Decade

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015
1:00 pm–5:00pm
Room C2 (Golden Gate level), San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Workshop Description

The MEMS, sensor and semiconductor industries have long been connected by a shared  infrastructure and supply chain, but there are significant differences in the manufacturing of MEMS and  sensors, including the use of unconventional materials, wafer bonding, packaging, lack of standard. As the MEMS and sensor industries scale in volume and usage in conjunction with semiconductor devices, it is important for industry stakeholders on both sides to take a deeper look at common challenges and identify issues that would benefit from a collaborative approach.

This 4-hour interactive workshop, jointly organized by SEMI and MEMS Industry Group, will focus on the mutual challenges facing the MEMS, sensor and semiconductor industries and how they may leverage lessons learned, standards and best practices to grow their respective industries sustainably. Along with industry presentations, attendees will be presented with output and conclusions from a MEMS Industry Group (MIG)/SEMI joint survey and a summary of work that has already been done on this topic at MIG’s MEMS Technical Congress, held in May 2015. Some of the greatest challenges survey participants in both industries identified are packaging and test, compounded by the accelerated pace of device integration and the lack of standards for materials characterization. This workshop will take a deeper dive into these issues as well as other areas where semiconductors and MEMS intersect.

Your active participation is encouraged! Discussion topics include packaging, materials, testing, and more! Bring your great ideas to the table - we look forward to seeing you there! Register now:

 Workshop Goals

The goal of the workshop is to have an interactive, focused discussion about the main issues identified in the MIG/SEMI survey and to guide a plan of action for MIG/SEMI special interest groups and other collaborative mechanisms to tackle the challenges and identify solutions.


Keynote Speaker

Alissa Fitzgerald, Managing Member, AM Fitzgerald & Associates

The Business Case for MEMS Standardization

Everyone agrees that standards in MEMS are needed, but as an industry, we've been finding it difficult to generate momentum to develop and implement them. Part of the challenge has been to justify why companies should invest their scarce resources in standardization efforts. Some fear that standards will cannibalize or commoditize their existing businesses. The recently developed MIG-IEEE MEMS testing standard, however, was a successful effort because compelling and urgent business needs motivated the participating companies. In this talk, we'll present some case studies to explain the compelling business reasons for why we should press on to also develop standards for MEMS-specific materials, equipment, and process modules. We'll also draw on relevant history from the world of mechanical engineering to illuminate how standards were implemented and did benefit the similarly fragmented and diverse application space of machinery.




SEMI-MIG Survey Results




Alissa Fitzgerald, Managing Member, AM Fitzgerald & Associates

The Business Case for MEMS Standardization



Dave Thomas, SPTS Technologies

Extending the Capabilities of Etch and Deposition Processes for 3D Integration and Packaging of MEMS and Semiconductors in Volume Production



Michael Nagib, Technical Marketing Leader, Si-Ware Systems

Integrated Solutions (MEMS+ASIC): From Concept to Production







Panel Discussion

Manufacturing For the Internet of Things

Moderator: Steve Whalley, Chief Strategy Officer, MEMS Industry Group 

Panelist: Mike Rosa, Director, Strategy & Technical Marketing – Emerging Technologies, Applied Materials, Inc.

Panelist: Bill Chen, Fellow and Sr. Technical Advisor, ASE Group

Panelist: Nim Tea, Senior Director, Product Engineering, InvenSense, Inc.

Panelist: Claire Troadec, Technology and Market Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Yole Developpement



Breakout Sessions

Attendees will break up into smaller working groups facilitated by industry experts to discuss issues related to highly integrated devices, packaging, reliability, materials characterization, and expansion into new applications/markets.

Moderator: Eric Pabo, Business Development Manager, EV Group




Wrap Up



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