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•  Interconnect Technology for High–Performance Computing [STS]

•  Materials Session: Contamination   Control in the Sub-20nm Era [TechXPOT South]

•  Subsystem and Component Suppliers at Critical Cross Roads to Deliver on Yield and Productivity
   [TechXPOT South]

•  Making Sense of the Lithography Landscape: Cost and Productivity Issues Below 14nm and the
    Path(s) to 5nm [STS]

•  Scaling Transistors: HVM Solutions Below 14nm; Getting to 5nm [STS]

•  Secondary Equipment: The Evolution of the New 200mm Fab for the Internet of  Everything
    [TechXPOT South]

•  CMP Technical and Market Trends [TechXPOT North]



•  Wafer Geometry Control for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing [Marriott]

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