Update on Industry Status of 450mm

Wednesday, July 15
1:00pm - 1:30pm



Christopher Borst, SUNY Poly CNSE


C.C. Chien, Global 450 Consortium


Erin, Fria, Global 450 Consortium


The Global 450mm Consortium, based at SUNY Polytechnic
Institute in Albany, NY, continues driving progress in 450mm development to address key challenges in technical and productivity performance.  More than 30 process and metrology tools have completed Equipment Maturity Assessment, Baseline Characterization and Gauge Study reports delivered to the G450C Members and the individual Suppliers.  Excellent outcomes from ongoing quality improvements and the notchless wafer initiative with Suppliers have resulted in the first SEMI Standard M1 450mm notchless wafers with backside optical orientation fiducials, and the companion 1.5mm edge exclusion standard is also nearing completion.  The 193nm immersion scanner has achieved full dynamic scan capability with outstanding optical performance and is producing patterned 450mm wafers.  G450C will provide an update to the SEMICON community on these and other areas of continuing progress and global collaboration.

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