Packaging:  "The Very Big Picture"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Moscone North, Hall E, Room 131


Hosted by: SEMI Advanced Packaging Committee 


Technology, fueled by innovation and enabled through Moore's Law scaling, is immersing us in a world filled with limitless applications that are fast permeating life across our globe. Semiconductors live at the core of these sophisticated electronics, and are playing a pivotal role in bringing them to market.


As new waves of technology further evolve, the semiconductor industry is reaching beyond its traditional ecosystem, as it moves to innovate, collaborate, and align with the latest directions and paradigms being carved out by tech giants and game-changers, alike. Indeed, time-to-market increasingly hinges upon deep collaborative and co-development activities that push technologies through boundaries and to new heights.


This session will deliver 'the very big picture' insight into the innovation, technology, trends, and ecosystems, that are ultimately driving an entire electronics industry to rethink and recalibrate in order to  achieve optimal efficiency across an expanding supply chain and success within increasingly dynamic broad markets



Packaging:  "Digital Health and Semiconductor Technology"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Moscone North, Hall E, Room 133


Session Partner: CPMT 


The proliferation of Internet and electronics is changing how we manage our health.  Driven by the technologies such as portable and wearable electronics, Internet of Things, Big Data, analytics and new regulations, healthcare is becoming personal and digital.  The microelectronics industry plays an important role in this digital revolution.


In this session we'll discuss and explore the challenges and opportunities for the semiconductor industry as it becomes an important part of this digital health ecosystem.  Topics include:


  • Semiconductor and packaging technologies for medical devices and systems, such as X-ray, image sensors, MRI systems
  • Semiconductor and packaging technologies for implantable, wearable devices, including fitness and sportswear applications, such as fitness bands
  • Semiconductor and packaging technologies for sensors and actuators, such as MEMS sensors Biocompatible semiconductor and packaging materials
  • Semiconductor applications in drug delivery


Please check back frequently for updates and more information as agendas develop and speakers are announced.




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