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Flexible Hybrid Electronics for Wearable Applications – Challenges and Solutions 

Thursday, July 16
Moscone North, Hall E, Room 132

Session Partner: Flextech Alliance    

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) draws equipment, materials, design and manufacturing processes from two industries: the semiconductor industry and the traditional printing industry.  FlexTech Alliance explores this interesting technology merger in a one-day workshop at SEMICON West 2014.  One of the fastest growing applications for Flexible Hybrid Electronics is wearable electronic devices for health and human performance monitoring. This workshop will include a review of some of these applications.


The semiconductor industry has evolved not only exponentially in terms of capability, but also in the applications it pursues. A recent direction is referred to as “More Than Moore”. Activity in this space seeks to address needs for more capability for wearable/flexible/conformal systems (even implantable), large size/distributed systems, and low cost (even disposable) sensor and smart packaging systems. Recently, printed electronics has made great progress in materials and processing technologies for flexible, conformable and robust applications such as wearable biomedical sensors and imagers, displays, consumer packaging, and toxic and structural sensors.  Almost simultaneously, various techniques are emerging for creating very thin silicon chips and packages as well as flexible PC “boards” that can be incorporated in flexible systems. Finding ways to cost effectively and reliably integrate conventional processors, MEMS sensors, and high speed RF communications with printed/flexible electronics systems opens the door to wider applications, including wearables.


Where do printed/flexible electronics systems offer the best solutions? Where could integrating traditional silicon into a flexible electronics format make most sense for cost or performance? What are the industry-wide challenges and promising solutions for process integration, handling, packaging, and testing hybrid silicon and flexible approaches? Join with subject matter experts and end users to answer these and other pertinent questions.






Welcome & Opening Remarks

Michael Ciesinski
President & CEO

FlexTech Alliance


The Road Less Travelled to Ultra High
VolumeLow Cost Flexible and Printed Sensors

Steve Whalley (Biography)
Chief Strategy Officer
MEMS Industry Group

10:40am-11:10am     Keeping Moore’s “Law” Alive, Kicking And Flexible

Subramanian (Subu) Iyer (Biography)
Distinguished Chancellor's Professor

Printed Hybrid Systems for Flexible and
Wearable Devices

Greg Whiting (Biography)

Senior Research Staff
PARC, A Xerox Company

11:40am-    12:10pm



CMOS TFT Circuits Fabricated with a Novel
Printed-Dopant Poly-Silicon (PDPS) Process on
300 mm Stainless Steel Foil

Mao Takashima (Biography)
Principal Scientist
Thin Film Electronics, Inc.

12:10pm-1:20pm LUNCH

NBMC, Human Performance Monitoring & Biomarker Detection

Malcolm J. Thompson

Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium


Flexible and Stretchable Biointegrated Devices

AJ Aranyosi
MC10, Inc

2:20pm-2:50pm     Design and Process Technology Challenges for Thin
Flexible Communications Systems

Scott Goodwin
RTI International
2:50pm-3:10pm Break
3:10pm-3:40pm Solving Integration Challenges for Printed and
Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Rich Chaney
General Manager
American Semiconductor

Advanced Self-powered Systems of Integrated
Sensors and Technologies

Mehmet Ozturk (Biography)
Deputy Director, NSF ASSIST Nanosystems Center
North Carolina State University


Preparing Flexible Hybrid Electronics based
Applications for Commercialization: Integration Challenges

Dan Gamota (Biography)
Director, Advanced Technology


Closing Remarks

Michael Ciesinski, President & CEO

FlexTech Alliance




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