CMP Technical and Market Trends

Session Partner: NCCAVS CMP User Group


Thursday, July 16
11:00am - 3:00pm


This session will provide an opportunity for anyone involved with, or interested in, CMP to learn about issues of practical importance regarding current trends and future direction of this vital technology.


The NCCAVS CMP User Group promotes the exchange of ideas among technologists and other decision-makers in the field of CMP. Our goal is to enable professional communication across the CMP segment of the industry to help address both research level and commercial demands. Focus areas:

  • - CMP Market Trends
  • - CMP Technology Advances
  • - CMP Productivity Improvements and/or Cost Reduction Strategies








Welcome and Introduction
Ashwani Rawat, Intel Corp.
David Hansen, HGST

(Session Chairs)

Trends in CMP and Impacts on CMP Slurries and Pads
Mike Corbett, Linx Consulting
Integration of Cobalt in Next Generation Interconnects
Jim O’Neill Guthrie, Tom Baum, Entegris

SUNY Polytechnic Institute SEMATECH Advanced Planarization Center
and 450mm CMP Status Updates

Christopher Borst, SUNY Poly CNSE
Brian Sapp, SUNY Poly SEMATECH




Immersion Metrology for CMP Pad Monitoring
Andres Arasanz, SENSOFAR

Terry Moore, TDK-Headway



Techcet CMP Consumables 2015 Market Update
Sue DavisMike FuryKarey Holland, Techcet Group
2:00pm-2:30pm Advances in CMP Pad Conditioning
Scott Lawing, Kinik NA
Elbert Chou, Kinik Company



Hardware and Process Solutions in Evolving CMP Needs
Robert Rhodes, Entrepix

Paul Feeney, Axus Technology



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