Packaging: Auto Utopia: Gearing up Semiconductor to Turn Dreams to Reality

Wednesday, July 15
1:30pm - 3:30pm


Session Partner: Meptec

The connected car and the self-driving car are two topics that continue to create much hype as related ecosystems, including innovators, manufacturers, regulators and others, collaborate closely to define and meet stringent safety, security, and connectivity benchmarks. Auto makers already have firm plans for autonomous driving vehicles to hit the road sometime between 2017 and 2020, so collaborators are moving swiftly to integrate many new electronic features and benefits.


Clearly, significant semiconductor content is required. As a result, our industry is innovating right alongside these auto makers, using leading-edge technologies and equipment to advance automotive capabilities and applications.  IC Packaging will play a major role in delivering reliable devices to be seamlessly integrated into both prototype and production vehicles.


This session will explore the auto innovation landscape, and take a good look at what semiconductor and IC packaging technologies will be required to bring concepts mainstream. 



Session Chairs:     Rich Rice, ASE
Jim Walker, Gartner


1:30pm-1:35pm     Session Introduction
Rich Rice, ASE and  Jim Walker, Gartner

Manuela Schreckenbach (Biography)
Project Director
PRIME Research, LP


Keith Malone

Communication Specialist

California Fuel Cell Partnership


Charles Lee (Biography)
Senior Technical Manager 
ASE Singapore Pte Ltd.


Advanced Assembly and Packaging for Automotive Electronics


Klaus-Dieter Lang, Ph.D. (Biography)

Fraunhofer IZM



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