Equipment and Materials Opportunities for Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Session Partner: FlexTech Alliance


Wednesday, July 15
10:30am - 1:00pm

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), which combines semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) with printed electronics on novel substrates, is expected to impact significant growth markets. These include wearable electronics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and medical devices.

What’s the opportunity for equipment and materials suppliers? Will the emerging FHE industry require a new supply chain or can the existing IC and PCB/PWB industries meet manufacturing needs? Hear from several of the leaders in this field and explore current and future opportunities for your company.





Welcome & Opening Remarks
Michael Ciesinski
President & CEO
FlexTech Alliance


Hybrid Electronics: Manufacturing Perspectives and Needs


Tolis Voutsas (Biography)
Director, Materials and Devices Applications Lab
SHARP Labs of America, Inc.


Corning© Willow© Glass: Substrates for Flexible
Electronic Device Fabrication

Ming-Huang Huang, Ph.D. (Biography)

Senior Scientist; Thin Films & Surfaces Research

Corning Incorporated


Materials Supplier Perspective on Flexible Hybrid

Thomas D. Lantzer (Biography)
New Business Development Manager



Photonic Curing and New Materials for Displays


Stan Farnsworth (Biography)

Vice President of Marketing


Three-Dimensional Metrology for Flexible Electronics Characterization


Erik Novak, Ph.D. (Biography)
Director of Business Development
4D Technology


Silicon Wafers to Flexible Glass: Manufacturing of
Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Mark Poliks (Biography)

Research Professor, Department of Chemistry, and CAMM Technical Director

Binghamton University



12:35pm-12:55pm Nanomanufacturing for Flexible Hybrid Electronics: 
Recent Progress at the NASCENT Nanosystems
Engineering Research Center

Larry Dunn, Ph.D. (Biography)
NASCENT Industrial Liaison Officer
NASCENT Nanosystems Engineering Research Center
University of Texas

Closing Remarks

Michael Ciesinski

President & CEO
FlexTech Alliance

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