Emerging Generation Memory Technology: Update on 3DNAND, MRAM and RRAM



Tuesday, July 14
1:30pm - 3:40pm

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Emerging technologies for non-volatile memory are still a small niche business, about $65 million in 2014. But they could grow to a $7 billion market by 2020, as density improves and costs come down, according to Yole Développement’s projections.


Major memory suppliers are starting to move 3DNAND into production. Companies have introduced a second-generation of MRAM, which improves density by using spin-transfer torque instead of a magnetic field for switching. ReRAM makers claim to be solving manufacturing issues.


We’ve invited the major suppliers to update on the state of these next generation memory technologies, and the challenges for their volume manufacture at competitive cost.




Session Keynote: Next Generation Non-Volatile Memory Technology

Naga Chandrasekaran
, Ph.D.
Vice President, Process R&D,
Micron Technology


Tomorrow's Memories- Ac Cost Game

Jim Handy
Objective Analysis

Solving Manufacturing Challenges: Spin Torque MRAM on Advanced Technology Nodes


Sanjeev Aggarwal, Ph.D (Biography)
Vice President Manufacturing and Process Technology


Additive Semiconductor Manufacturing and
Advanced 3D Packaging Enable Early

Adoption of Promising Technologies: ReRAM a
Case in Point


Robert Patti (Biography)
CTO and VP of Design Engineering


Crossbar RRAM– Enabling A New Era Of Storage Innovation


Wei D. Lu
, Ph.D. (Biography)
Chief Scientist and Co-founder

Patterning Challenges for Next Generation

High Density Memory


Uday Mitra, Ph.D. (Biography)
Ppointed VP, CTO, Etch Business Unit
Applied Materials

Session Moderator:

Paula Doe, Ph.D.


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