The Factory of the (Near) Future: Disruptive Technologies from IoT to 3D Printing Impact the Semiconductor Manufacturing Sector

Thursday, July 16
1:00pm - 3:00pm

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Anyone doing manufacturing has to be thinking about the potential impact of the disruptive technologies of the Internet of Things and 3D printing on their business. What new opportunities and new challenges will these bring to the fab and the supply chain? Where does adding more machine intelligence and data analysis to already automated and instrumented plants make sense? What are the challenges and opportunities in moving data out of its silos into a wider context to enable new levels of prediction and optimization?  Can 3D printing handle the kinds of materials and parameters the semiconductor sector requires to help speed time to market and reduce downtimes?

We’ve invited the experts to talk about how and where these disruptive emerging technologies could change the demanding business of making semiconductors, equipment, and materials.




Expanded Technology Collaboration will Enable
Factory of the Future

Peter Huang, Ph.D. (Biography)
Vice President, Field Technical Support
TSMC North America
IoT - Fabs and Manufacturing 4.0

Nick Ward
Director of Marketing, Semiconductor Services Group
Applied Materials
  IoT and the Semiconductor Materials World

Ashutosh Misra, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Electronics
Air Liquide Electronics
2:00pm-2:20pm                                  Phillip Trinidad (Biography)

Advances in Additive Manufacturing Technologies: Materials, Systems and Applications

Ryan Dehoff, Ph.D. (Biography)
Deposition Science and Technology Group Leader
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2:40pm-3:00pm Simulation and Modeling of the Metal Laser
Powder Bed Fusion Process
to Accelerate Certification

Wayne King, Ph.D.
Director, Accelerated Certification of Additively
Manufactured Metals Initiative
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Session Moderator:   Chris Ryan (Biography)
Global VP for the Electronics World Business Line
Air Liquide

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