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Monetizing the IoT: Opportunities and Challenges for the Semiconductor Sector

Thursday, July 16


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Though the Internet of Things is now at the top of the hype cycle, and will certainly face some bumps before reaching those huge projected market sizes, the potential for smart, connected objects and machine-to-machine communication is real beyond doubt.  Clearly these applications will demand  lower cost and lower power devices, for a wide variety of application.

  • What opportunities does that really create for the semiconductor manufacturing sector? 
  • How is it going to change the business?
  • What new approaches can speed the design process?
  • How will costs of SoCs vs custom embedded designs change?
  • What will be the winning options for heterogeneous integration?
  • What’s the impact of extended demand for older generation production equipment? 

Find the answers to these an other pressing questions as thought leaders give a realistic look at the impact of the IoT on the IC industry.




Manufacturing Disruption Driven by the Internet
of Everything


Aglaia Kong (Biography)

CTO for IOE (Internet of Everything)

Cisco Systems


The Big Leap: How Moore's Law & IoT Will Reshape

TheSemiconductor Market


Paul Brody (Biography)
Principal, Americas Strategy Leader, Technology Sector
Ernst & Young


The Impact of the IoT on Semiconductors

Dean Freeman

IoT Center of Excellence

Research VP



IoT is Red Hot

Steve Carlson (Biography)
Vice President, SRG Marketing
Design System


Securing the IoT – It Starts from Silicon


Gowrishankar Chindalore, Ph.D. (Biography)

Head of Technology & Business Strategy

Microcontrollers Business Group

Freescale Semiconductor


Standardization of Packaging for the Internet of Things

Adrian Arcedera
Sr. Director, MEMS & Sensors

Amkor Technology

Session Moderator: Ed Sperling (Biography)
Semiconductor Engineering

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