Materials Session: Contamination Control in the Sub-20nm Era

Hosted by: SEMI CGMG Committee


Tuesday, July 14


Given the increasing technology challenges and escalating cost increases in the industry's continuous pursuit of Moore's Law, defect reduction and yield enhancement have become critical differentiators in determining the economics of a successful node shrink. Devices have become increasingly sensitive to the contaminants during the wafer fabrication process, which makes contamination control a focal point in fab operations. Recent developments have shown much tighter control specifications in terms of particles, metal contaminants, and organic contaminants. This has prompted a new generation of equipment, materials, and fab design concepts that are designed to specifically address contamination control issues at advanced technology nodes.

The session will present a comprehensive picture of how the industry value chain participants are collaborating to address contamination control challenges. You'll hear perspectives from:


1. IDM / foundry about the current contamination control challenges and requirements to achieve a successful sub 20nm node ramp.


2. Equipment producer discussing new developments in process tools and metrology/defect inspection tools to detect contaminants and minimize them during the wafer fabrication   process.

3. Materials and sub-component makers regarding a new push to eliminate various types of contaminants in the materials manufacturing, shipment, and dispensing process before they reach the wafer.






Introduction to Chemical & Gas Manufacturers Group (CGMG)

Maria Peterson
Emerging Technologies Program Director
JSR Micro

1:40pm-1:50pm Introduction to Session

IDM Perspective

Archita Sengupta (Biography)



Metrology Perspective 

John Allgair


Filtration Perspective

Aiwen Wu (Biography)



Materials Perspective

Mark Raynor (Biography)
Senior R&D Director


Panel Moderator: Mike Corbett, Managing Partner, Linx Consulting



John Allgair, Nanometrics

Mark Raynor, Matheson

Dr. Archita Sengupta, Intel

Aiwen Wu, Entegris


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