If you attended SEMICON West 2015 and registered and/or had your badge scanned at a program, you should have received an email with the link for downloading presentations from the TechXPOTs and the Semiconductor Technology Symposium (STS).


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Thousands of visitors know that the TechXPOTs are the place at SEMICON West to hear about the latest technology developments and breakthroughs in semiconductor manufacturing.

Sessions at the TechXPOTs are aimed at engineers and technologists looking for solutions to key technology challenges and looking to better understand cutting-edge and future technology developments. Developed in conjunction with SEMI technical committees, partner organizations, and technologists, the TechXPOT agenda will provide a deeper view of key technology developments in areas including test, advanced materials and processes, advanced packaging, productivity and emerging markets and technologies such as flexible electrinics, 3D printing and more.

TechXPOT sessions are on the show floor and free to all attendees.


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South Hall             
Tuesday, July 14


What's Next for MEMS?

Strategic briefing on key issues and what is in store for the future of MEMS



Materials Session: Contamination Control in the Sub-20nm Era

A comprehensive picture of how industry value chain participants are collaborating to address contamination control challenges

Hosted by: SEMI CGMG Committee


Wednesday, July 15 


Subsystem and Component Suppliers at Critical Crossroads to Deliver on Yield and Productivity 

This session will cover the challenges faced by sub-component suppliers in the supply chain to OEMs and IDMs with the increased specifications and requirements for higher yields and improved productivity and performance.



Update on Industry Status of 450mm
An update from the Global 450mm Consortium, including equipment assessment and Standards progress.





The Evolution of the New 200mm Fab for the Internet of Everything

Explores the role of 200mm fabs and secondary equipment suppliers in supporting anticipated manufacturing demands for IoT devices.

Thursday, July 16


Monetizing the IoT: Opportunities and Challenges for the Semiconductor Sector

A look at the impact of IoT on the IC industry



The Factory of the (Near) Future: Disruptive Technologies from IoT to 3D Printing Impact the Semiconductor Manufacturing Sector

Analysis of how disruptive emerging technologies could impact the demanding business of manufacturing semiconductors, equipment and materials



North Hall              
Tuesday, July 14


Automating Semiconductor Test Productivity

Investigation of strategies for improving test productivity



Emerging Generation Memory Technology: Update on 3DNAND, MRAM and RRAM

Overview of Next Generation Memory and current challenges for high-volume manufacturing

 Wednesday, July 15


Equipment and Materials Opportunities for Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Examines the opportunities for equipment and materials in the growing market for flexible hybrid electronics 

Session Partner: FlexTech Alliance



Packaging Session: Auto Utopia-- Gearing up Semiconductor to Turn Dreams to Reality

Explores semiconductor packaging implications of autonomous driving vehicles

Session Partner: Meptec

Thursday, July 16


CMP Technical and Market Trends

Discussion of strategic CMP issues

Session Partner: NCCAVS CMP User Group



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