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Operations/Floor plan


Event Guide




  • What is the date of the event?

Program Events: July 11– 14, 2016 
Exhibits: July 12–14, 2016

Exhibit Hours:


July 12



July 13



July 14


  • What is the Venue?

Moscone Center
747 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-3181

  • What are the show dates for 2017?

July 11– 13, 2017

  • How can I reserve hotel accommodations?

Exhibitor Housing opened on November 2, 2015. 


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  • How do I reserve a booth?

To apply for exhibit space, contact Shane Poblete at Email: spoblete@semi.org  / Tel: +1.202.847.5983 or click on Exhibit Now for more information.


Exhibit Now 

  • Will there be on-site assigning?

On-site assigning will be held during SEMICON West 2016 for SEMICON West 2017

  • Are there special areas or segments?

North Hall:
Test Assembly & Packaging

South Hall:
Wafer Processing

 Are there turnkey packages?

There are 2 types of turnkey packages available: 
Exhibit Package Solutions

Ideal for exhibitors who do not have existing exhibit hardware and/or who are looking for a fully turnkey exhibit solution up to 30 linear feet

Executive Meeting Suites

Designed with meeting space in mind, the SEMICON Executive Suite packages are turnkey solutions inclusive of exhibit space rental, hardwall construction, furnishings, carpet, graphics, utilities, and cleaning service. The packages also include plants and lead retrieval package


Exhibitors wishing to order the Exhibit Package Solutions and/or Executive Meeting Suites should contact Show Managment at Email: semiconwest@semi.org for more information

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Operations/Floor plan

  • What are the move-in and out days and times?

Set Up Hours:

Set Up Hours:

Set Up Hours:

July 7

July 8
July 9



Dark Day *

July 10


Set Up Hours:

July 11


Dismantle Hours:

July 14


Dismantle Hours:

July 15


Dismantle Hours:

July 16


* Important Notice: Moscone Center will be closed on Sunday, July 10. Exhibitors will not have access to the exhibit hall and there will be no Exhibitor Services available.

  • What is target move-in and how can I change it?

Targeted floor plans are developed to ease the transportation of freight on show floor. At SEMICON West, we "target" the move-in of freight. This is intended to minimize your carrier’s waiting time and maximize the efficiency of freight move-in.

In order for everyone to take full advantage of their move-in period we are be unable to change your targeted move in schedule.

The 2016 Targeted floorplans will be available in early November

  • When will the Exhibitor Services Manual be available?

The manual is available via Freeman Online by end of March 2016

  • What is the password to access the online manual?

There is no pre-assigned password. Exhibitors should create their own in the Freeman Online system. 

  • What are my rights as an exhibitor regarding freight handling?

As the official service contractor, Freeman is the exclusive provider of freight handling at show site.

  • What are my rights as an exhibitor regarding material handling?

Also known as drayage is the movement of freight material from the loading dock to the booth space. The union has jurisdiction over all unloading and reloading of materials. The union also has jurisdiction over the operation of all material handling equipment – this includes all dollies and hand trucks. You may hand carry what you can manage by yourself (one person) in one trip, using no equipment. Current union jurisdiction precludes hotel personnel from delivering material to exhibit booths

  • What are my rights as an exhibitor regarding labor?

By definition, the installation or dismantling of exhibits which requires the use of hand tools, or takes one person more than 30 minutes, or exceeds ten feet in any direction, falls within the jurisdiction of the union

  • What is the maximum booth height?

The maximum height for all configurations, including all booth elements such as truss and signage is 20 feet / 6 meters, with exceptions as noted on the floorplans

  • What is the cubic content rule?

This rule allows exhibitors to make maximum use of their booth space. Under the cubic content rule, each exhibitor may build right up to the front of his booth, up to the maximum allowable height of 20 feet / 6 meters, with exceptions as noted on the floorplans

  • What are the regulations for hanging signs?

Show Management must approve all hanging signs for inline booths. Engineering drawings must accompany signage on-site and be available in booth. All hanging signs should be sent to the Advance Warehouse by June 28, 2016

  • What is an EDC?

EDC stands for Exhibitor Designated Contractor. An EDC (a.k.a., EAC (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor)) is any company (other than one of the official designated contractors) that an exhibitor wants to use inside the exhibit hall before, during or after the show. Submit your EDC Application by June 10, 2016 through the Exhibitor Console / eBooth portal

  • Who do I contact for relocation/waitlist questions/expansion requests?

Relocations are based on SEMI membership and priority points. Please contact Show Managment at Email: semiconwest@semi.org for more information

To increase booth size space, please contact Shane Poblete at Email: spoblete@semi.org  / Tel: +1.202.847.5983 

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  • How do I register?

Exhibit Managers will have access to an Exhibitor Registration Portal to register booth staff.  Booth staff will receive an email confirmation when entered.

  • When will exhibitor registration open?

 Exhibitor Registration will open in March 2016

  • What is my Username & Password for the Exhibitor Registration Portal?

Usernames and passwords will be sent via email to main contacts to manage booth staff in March.  There will be a password reminder tool in the Exhibitor Console / ebooth Portal 

  • How many Exhibitor Badges do I get with my booth?

Each primary exhibitor company is allotted a limited number of badges. Exhibitors can order up to 10 badges for every 100 square feet of booth space

  • When will I get my badge?

Badges will not be mailed in advanced and can be picked up on-site at registration beginning on July 7 at 8:00am in upper North Hall lobby.

  • When will attendee registration open?

Attendee registration will open in March 2016

  • When will programs registration open?

Programs registration will open in March 2016 in conjunction with attendee registration

  • Are there any fees for an exhibit only pass?

    The Registration Fee Schedule for attendee passes is as follows:

    March - May 6: Complimentary Registration Period
    May 7 - June 3:    $50
    June 4 - July 6:      $100
    July 7 - Show:        $150
  • How Do I Invite a My Customers?

Via Exhibitor Invites®, exhibitors can send an unlimited number of complimentary invitations to register. Exhibitor Invites will be available in April 2016


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Event Guide/ eBooth

  • When will I be able to enter my eBooth information?

The Exhibitor Console / eBooth Portal will open on February 15, 2016. The deadline for the printed Event Guide is in May 2016

  • What is my password or I don’t see my listing?

Contact semiconwest@semi.org for direct support

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  • Did you receive my payment?

Contact Mary Durkton at Email: mdurkton@semi.org  / Tel: +1.408.943.6927 

  • I have an invoice question or correction?

Please contact Mary Durkton at tel: +1.408.943.6927 / email: mdurkton@semi.org

  • What are the Liquidated Damages Fees and dates for cancellation?

If canceled before 90 days of exposition start date (on or before April 12, 2016); a liquidated damage fee of 20% of the canceled space will be apply.

If canceled within 90 days of exposition start date (after April 12, 2016); a liquidated damage fee of 100% of the canceled space will be apply.

  • How do I cancel my booth?

Cancellations and reductions must be made in writing to SEMI. Notify Shane Poblete at Email: spoblete@semi.org  and semiconwest@semi.org

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  • What are the Conference Tracks?

Go to Session/Events for more information

  • Is there a Call for Papers?

Contact Agnes Cobar at Email: acobar@semi.org / Tel: +1.408.943.7952 


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Who To Contact For What

Booth Sales

 Global Sales / Tel: +1.202.847.5983 / Email: spoblete@semi.org 

General Questions /Customer Service

Lyn Geary / Tel: +1.408.943.6997 / Email: lgeary@semi.org

Leslie Rauscher / Tel: +1.408.943.6936 / Email: lrauscher@semi.org

Michelle Yee / Tel:+1.408.943.6953 / Email: myee@semi.org

Deborah Geiger / Tel: +1.408.943.7988 / Email: semipr@semi.org


Shane Poblete / Tel:+1.202.847.5983 / Email: spoblete@semi.org 

Intersolar North America:
Email: intersolar_us@fwtm.de / Tel: +49.761.3881.3800 or Leslie Rauscher / Tel:+1.408.943.6936 / Email: lrauscher@semi.org 

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